Project name: Emerson by Rudder

Project location: 1 Milray Street, Lindfield, NSW

Project completion date: SEP 2018

Project status: Sold Out

Project profile:

Launched in October 2016, Sydney's Upper field 16-storey luxury townhouse project "Emerson", with top-level decoration, independent elevator, is well located in the wealthy area of Sydney. It is 150 meters away from the train station. The project began in April 2017 and was delivered in September 2018. Emerson is also a monumental project of Rudder. It sold 50% on the opening day and is now sold out. It broke the sales record of the price per square meter in the area. Emerson's design was commissioned to the best-known Coco republic design team to create the “Ampton lifestyle” on the North Shore. EMERSON Lindfield boarded the cover of a design magazine distributed by Coco Republic, a well-known interior design company in Australia, and received high praise and inquiries from the industry.